Extractions & Preservation in Chattanooga, TN

Extractions & Preservation in Chattanooga, TN

Tooth extraction is a popular procedure we carry out in many instances. Whether it is your decayed teeth or impacted wisdom teeth, extracting them becomes a need in both events. The treatment is straightforward. With the help of dental instruments, we remove your teeth from their socket.

The extraction leaves behind a small hole where your teeth rest. This hole is known as a socket. When your teeth are extracted, their sockets may become extremely sensitive, which is why we recommend the preservation of the socket after extraction.

Why is Socket Preservation Essential?

It is essential to protect the socket to stop it from becoming dry. Dry socket forms when the blood clot protecting the extraction site dislodges to expose the nerves located beneath it. Preservation of the socket ensures that your alveolar bone remains protected. When the socket is not preserved properly, it creates deformity in your alveolar ridge. Eventually, it becomes difficult to opt for other restorative procedures such as dental implants.

What are the Benefits of Socket Preservation?

  • Socket preservation protects the bone from deteriorating.
  • Socket preservation ensures that your remaining teeth are in alignment.
  • Preservation of the socket constitutes an integral part of tooth extraction treatment.
  • Socket preservation also improves the appearance of your gums and remaining teeth.
  • Preservation of sockets is a must if you opt for other restorative procedures, including dental implants.

How is Socket Preserved?

The procedure requires placing a bone graft into your socket where your extracted teeth existed. This graft can be of several types, including the one made using synthetic materials. A bone graft may also be obtained from the bones of animals or humans.

We insert the graft into your socket and cover it with a collagen membrane. At last, the opening is stitched to preserve it.

How to Care for the Preserved Socket?

It is essential to care for your socket as it helps to improve your healing process. Do not brush your teeth for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Ensure to stay away from the activities like smoking, using a straw, or eating hard foods as it may dislodge the clot. Eat soft foods for a few days after your tooth extraction. When you brush your teeth, avoid using hard strokes on the area of the extraction. Do not engage in sports or any strenuous activity that may put pressure on your socket or wound it right after tooth extraction.

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