Invisalign in Chattanooga, TN

Invisalign in Chattanooga, TN

A smile plays a significant role in enhancing one's appearance. It boosts one's confidence along with subtly realigning the teeth. Nowadays, to get perfectly aligned, healthy teeth, many people are using Invisalign over braces. 

What is Invisalign? 

Lately, Invisalign aligners have become popular among people, especially teens who aren't comfortable with braces. For anyone with crowded, gapped, or crooked teeth, Invisalign aligners are an effective orthodontic solution.  

Invisalign aligners are transparent, plastic dental braces that help to adjust teeth alignment. These aligners exert gentle pressure and help your teeth move into alignment with others. If you are willing to get Invisalign aligners for yourself, we would first examine your dental health to confirm if you are a suitable candidate. 

What are the Benefits of Using Invisalign?

Firstly, they are easy to clean. They are completely removable, and therefore, patients don't face any problem while brushing or flossing. 

Secondly, people find Invisalign aligners to be more comfortable than metal braces. Having a new appliance inside your mouth may often give you an uncomfortable feeling. It takes time to get used to it, such as in the case of dental braces. Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners don't have sharp edges and need to be tightened to keep them in position. We provide our patients with a set of aligners that they can remove after every two weeks. Thus, this makes the aligners easy to use.  

Lastly, Invisalign is virtually invisible. They are transparent as they are made up of clear plastic. When you use Invisalign aligners, people notice your smile instead of the aligners. Since they are almost indistinguishable, it makes people less conscious while in public. 

What Does the Procedure Include?

At first, we analyze the patient's dental condition to confirm if the individual is suitable to use Invisalign aligners. For that, we take digital scans of the teeth and the mouth as a whole. By examining the scanned impressions, we make a digitized version of the ideal Invisalign tray for every patient. We provide multiple sets of aligners to our patients for the proper alignment of their teeth.  

We send the digital impressions to the lab for the final fabrication of the product. Once we receive the customized aligners, we hand them over to the patient and take them through the usage.  

What makes Invisalign aligners a commonly preferred orthodontic treatment is their comfort and ease of use. Individuals who have used Invisalign have expressed significant improvement in their dental health without being embarrassed or self-conscious.

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